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A Unique System of Sewage Treatment

 For Septic Tanks and Less Discharges


Converts your Septic Tanks to complete Sewage Treatment Plants

Removes Odor from Septic Tanks - Uses Aerobic Treatment

The Answer is BUGSY an Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) cum Bacteria Generator (ABG)

Is a cost effective treatment for small Hotels, Developments, Apartment Buildings, Office Block, Farm Houses and Residences

Reduces Organic Load so that treated water can be reused

Unblocks choked Soak Pit or Leach Field

Most ideal for Units generating 500 to 50,000 liters per day - from 8 to 800 persons in a domicile

There is no remnant Sludge



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Tatva Group - An entity commited to keeping the Environment in pristine condition by Natural means. Solutions which are - Naturally Engineered

Biotech Services - provides plant and equipment for sewage and industrial effluents that are cost effective and energy saving


Biorganic Technologies - provides bacterial culture for natural biodegradation of sewage and industrial waste waters

3 E Environmental Solutions - provides consultation and solutions for preventing pollutio of Air, Soil and Water. 

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